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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Satanism Lessons In Schools

An East Rand school made Satanism part of their life orientation classes. Parents fear a repeat of the Krugersdorp sword killing.
I didn’t write about the Krugersdorp killing, because I thought it obvious that Satanism, heavy metal, and drugs are just scapegoats. All that is misdirection.
My personal opinion is that the school is at fault, and [...]

Vitamin Robot Will Mess You Up

I admire Michael Trapido. I simply can’t sustain that level of aggressiveness without chemical assistance. Last week was an exception, because I was adjusting to going back on Ritalin.
I have access to it because I was (re)diagnosed with ADD as an adult about a year ago. I tend to view such diagnoses with scepticism. I [...]

Girl Killed For Choosing Celibacy

Nobuhle Khumalo was beat to death with knobkieries by her classmates for choosing celibacy.
I don’t have the words.
Girl killed for being a virgin (Via Chris Roper)

Big Business Wants To Dictate Your Morality

It’s not enough getting morality from religion, philosophy, peer pressure and law. Now business also wants to take the moral high ground.
Random House contractually requires young adult writers to behave. Cory Doctorow points out that they didn’t ask him to sign such a contract for Little Brother. This is probably because they realize just how [...]

China Is Scary

I got the same feeling as Kevin Kelly while watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.
This is an alien culture. More than two thousand tai-chi masters moved like a single being. All with identical clothes. All with identical haircuts. If this is what their civilians are like… what is their army like?
While watching, I couldn’t stop thinking [...]

Why Are We Still Paying For SMS?

Twitter is ending SMS support in the UK, because it’s costing them too much.
This got me thinking. Most cellphones these days have internet connectivity. The data cost of an SMS is negligible. (You want to do the math? Think R 2.00 / 1,048,576 bytes * 200 chars). Yes, I know about IM, but it’s still [...]

MIT Students Silenced About Subway Vulnerabilities

A restraining order was issued against three MIT students who were to make a presentation at Defcon. They were about to reveal security vulnerabilities that they discovered in the Massachusetts train fare system.
The EFF is appealing the decision on the grounds that the restraining order is a violation of the student’s free speech rights.
Ironically, the [...]

I’m An Empty Cup

There’s a story about a Zen master and student drinking tea. The student keeps asking stupid questions until the master pours a cup of tea until it overflows. When the student stops the master, the master tells the student that he can’t learn anything until he empties his cup.
Descartes said that we first have to [...]

23 Free Social Media eBooks

I believe in open content, but I’d settle for open access until the collective consciousness catches up. This is why I love searching the net for free textbooks and ebooks.
I’ve found a couple of classics like the Cluetrain Manifesto, and New Rules for the New Economy, and by now everybody knows about Quirk’s eMarketing Textbook. [...]

Snowl - Experimental Universal Aggregator Of Tomorrow

Someone finally understood that communication can be abstracted to streams. Obviously RSS and microblogs, but Email, IM and even SMS can fit into the stream model. If Google ever buys a cellphone service provider, you can bet on adding recorded voice and IP calls to the mix.
A couple of days ago, Mozilla announced Snowl, the [...]