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MIT Students Silenced About Subway Vulnerabilities

A restraining order was issued against three MIT students who were to make a presentation at Defcon. They were about to reveal security vulnerabilities that they discovered in the Massachusetts train fare system.

The EFF is appealing the decision on the grounds that the restraining order is a violation of the student’s free speech rights.

Ironically, the MBTA released a security report that reveals more than the presentation would have.

Frankly, I think this is worse than Diebold’s use of the DMCA to keep researchers from revealing vulnerabilities in their voting machines. (Diebold eventually lost their case.)

In the case of these students, they were effectively censored first, and now they have to sue to get their right to freedom of speech back. That’s the wrong way round, isn’t it?

UPDATE: The gag order was lifted. For Great Justice!

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