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Monthly Archives: February 2009

How To Build An Artificial Intelligence

Ever wanted to build a fully artificially intelligent robot as a kid? I did.
So now that you’re older, why not use the OpenCourseWare materials at MIT? They have a complete Artificial Intelligence course online. Not only that, but they also have an online tutor that’s available for anyone to use.
That means you. Go! Go forth [...]

Numbers Are Written The Wrong Way Around

Why do we write tha largest units in numbers first? It doesn’t make sense. Instead of writing one hundred as 100, we should be writing it as 001.
English, and most other western languages are written from left to right. But let’s say I want to add 14235 and 31322. I have to start at the [...]

Blasphemous Entertainment!

You can now see yours truly as one of the judges on a Youtube show called God Idols. It makes fun of funny religions. That means you, Scientology!
Rotten tomatoes and criticism to /dev/null.