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Category Archives: South Africa

Moving Data

Moving data into South Africa is expensive, but moving it around inside the country doesn’t have to be.
Freedom toasters are a great way to move data inside the country, but there aren’t enough of them to go around. This is probably because they cost about R 39 000 each.
One alternative is a cheap Network Attached [...]

Experimental Media

I like blogging, because it’s still so experimental. Internationally, they might be talking about traditional blogging, but in South Africa we probably don’t even have a thousand serious bloggers.
New media is so new here that we’re still experimenting with “traditional” new media. I want wilder experiments.
Take podcasts for example. Nic Haralambous has tried to [...]

Girl Killed For Choosing Celibacy

Nobuhle Khumalo was beat to death with knobkieries by her classmates for choosing celibacy.
I don’t have the words.
Girl killed for being a virgin (Via Chris Roper)

Why Are We Still Paying For SMS?

Twitter is ending SMS support in the UK, because it’s costing them too much.
This got me thinking. Most cellphones these days have internet connectivity. The data cost of an SMS is negligible. (You want to do the math? Think R 2.00 / 1,048,576 bytes * 200 chars). Yes, I know about IM, but it’s still [...]

Setcom Beats South African Paypal Restrictions

Many of you already know that Paypal does not allow South African users to receive payments. Not even from other South Africans!
What many of you may not know is that Setcom does allow you to receive international payments, although they don’t allow you to make international payments. You should expect to lose between 3% and [...]