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Category Archives: Rant

Vitamin Robot Will Mess You Up

I admire Michael Trapido. I simply can’t sustain that level of aggressiveness without chemical assistance. Last week was an exception, because I was adjusting to going back on Ritalin.
I have access to it because I was (re)diagnosed with ADD as an adult about a year ago. I tend to view such diagnoses with scepticism. I [...]

Big Business Wants To Dictate Your Morality

It’s not enough getting morality from religion, philosophy, peer pressure and law. Now business also wants to take the moral high ground.
Random House contractually requires young adult writers to behave. Cory Doctorow points out that they didn’t ask him to sign such a contract for Little Brother. This is probably because they realize just how [...]

China Is Scary

I got the same feeling as Kevin Kelly while watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.
This is an alien culture. More than two thousand tai-chi masters moved like a single being. All with identical clothes. All with identical haircuts. If this is what their civilians are like… what is their army like?
While watching, I couldn’t stop thinking [...]