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Datalog As Exocortex Technology

The problem with Twitter and other microblogging tools is that they are too public. There’s no provision for logging private data at the moment.
Let’s say you have a private datalog that only you can access from the web or your mobile device. You use it to log private data, like when you get in bed, [...]

Education Meets Social Media - School of Everything

The School of Everything is a site that connects people who want to learn with people who want to teach.
It is one of those fantastic ideas that seems so obvious in retrospect that it’s hard to believe that nobody’s actually done it before.
You can get more details at the source.
Source: School of Everything: eBay for [...]

Snowl - Experimental Universal Aggregator Of Tomorrow

Someone finally understood that communication can be abstracted to streams. Obviously RSS and microblogs, but Email, IM and even SMS can fit into the stream model. If Google ever buys a cellphone service provider, you can bet on adding recorded voice and IP calls to the mix.
A couple of days ago, Mozilla announced Snowl, the [...]

Dealing With Too Much Information

The idea that telepathy will be like drowning in a sea of voices is by now a cliché in SciFi. Nobody knows whether we might someday develop such mental powers, but right now we already have a form of techlepathy provided by the Internet.
While email and IM allowed one-to-one conversation, people are now using websites, [...]

Constant Flux Now Available As Microblog

I’ve finally given in to the urge to microblog. Find me on Twitter.
UPDATE: Found a nice plugin to display my tweets on the blog. Check out Twitter for WordPress.

You Should Host Your Own Exocortex

I remember a time when it was widely believed that Internet shopping would never happen, because people were too afraid that their credit card details will be stolen. People were paranoid about their personal data.
Yet today we put our personal details on Facebook, our creative work on Blogger and send our most intimate messages through [...]

Is Blogging Dead?

Everybody knows that print media is in trouble, but Bruce Sterling thinks blogging is dead too. He said so on his blog. (Oh, the irony!)
For some uses, better tools have become available. People who blogged to keep up with their friends are turning to Twitter and Facebook. Social microblogging will only become more popular when [...]

Internet No Good, We’re Starting Over

The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) project is a research project that investigates alternative network infrastructure designs.
This is not Internet2. This is a more radical departure from established network designs, a bold experiment in seeing what is possible.
Some people might wonder what the point is. Sure, we’re about to run out of IP addresses, [...]

Setcom Beats South African Paypal Restrictions

Many of you already know that Paypal does not allow South African users to receive payments. Not even from other South Africans!
What many of you may not know is that Setcom does allow you to receive international payments, although they don’t allow you to make international payments. You should expect to lose between 3% and [...]

24th 27 Dinner (Joburg) Feedback

I arrived early, a small miracle considering the traffic in Joburg, and my temporally incongruous tendencies. (”I’m not late Ma, I’m just temporally incongruous!”)
Was a bit intimidated at first, but after I picked a table to sit down at, it turned out to be really interesting. (Translation: I managed to ambush people with my theories, [...]