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Category Archives: Life

A Rose Of Glass And Metal

I’m working late again tonight.
I have a hot date tomorrow evening, and I don’t want to leave the project unfinished. So instead of going home, I pop out quickly to buy an unhealthy dinner.
When I climb out of the car, a man approaches me.
“Would you like a flower?”, he says. He is holding out a [...]

I’m An Empty Cup

There’s a story about a Zen master and student drinking tea. The student keeps asking stupid questions until the master pours a cup of tea until it overflows. When the student stops the master, the master tells the student that he can’t learn anything until he empties his cup.
Descartes said that we first have to [...]

Meeting About Using Open Content Learning At UNISA

I’ve written about open content learning materials before. In that post I mentioned that I’ve been trying to talk to people in UNISA for a while now, and on Tuesday (3 June), I finally got the promised meeting.
I met with Prof. Wendy Kilfoil (Director of the Institute for Curriculum and Learning Development), and Mr Deon [...]

RIP Arthur C. Clarke

Legendary scifi author, inventor and futurist Arthur C. Clarke died today at his home in Sri Lanka at the age of 90.
May it be filled with stars.

Bloggerati Joburg

What a blast. An unknown (possibly unknowable) number of assorted bloggers, journos, techies and new media types showed up. No higher networking purpose, just Vincent Maher and Matt Buckland looking for an excuse to throw a party. And what a party it was.
Chairs were in short supply, possibly a deliberate strategy to facilitate mingling. Their [...]

Merry St. Tib’s Day!

The Discordians celebrate St. Tib’s Day on the 29th of February. Who St. Tib was, or what he did, nobody seems to know. Maybe he was a leapling. Maybe not. Discordians don’t really need a reason for doing anything.
Regardless, any holiday that’s good enough for Discordians is good enough for me. So I spent [...]