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Is The XO-2 The Ideal Electronic Book?

Ever since reading Ben Bova’s Cyberbooks, I’ve been waiting for electronic books to take over the world. The Amazon Kindle didn’t much impress impress me, but I just love the design for the new OLPC XO-2. If the design stays the same, then I’m definitely getting one for reading ebooks.
On a related note, what are [...]

Linux Subnotebooks Galore

Despite the low sales of the OLPC project’s XO-1, and the Windows/Linux troubles that the project is going through, it’s already had some beneficial effects. For one thing, it has firmly established a market for Linux subnotebooks:
The OLPC’s XO-1 runs (for the moment) a version of Fedora Linux
Intel’s Classmate PC runs a version of Mandriva [...]