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China Is Scary

I got the same feeling as Kevin Kelly while watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.

This is an alien culture. More than two thousand tai-chi masters moved like a single being. All with identical clothes. All with identical haircuts. If this is what their civilians are like… what is their army like?

Face of the Internet Police

Face of the Internet Police

While watching, I couldn’t stop thinking about how China behaves. I remembered Tiananmen, Tibet, arrested bloggers and journalists like Hu Jia and Shi Tao, and the Great Firewall of China.

The Olympic games represent peace and brotherhood. Being held in China is like Zimbabwe hosting a human rights conference.

So when read about the games, and you think of the cutesy smiley face fireworks, or the little children singing lip-synching, or the “Dancing China” logo - remember the army of tai-chi masters.

China is not friendly. China is not a free country. China is scary.

UPDATE: It’s not enough that they are terrorizing their own people, and small nearby countries. No, China is now detaining American Citizens too.

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