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Linux Subnotebooks Galore

Despite the low sales of the OLPC project’s XO-1, and the Windows/Linux troubles that the project is going through, it’s already had some beneficial effects. For one thing, it has firmly established a market for Linux subnotebooks:

The OLPC’s XO-1 runs (for the moment) a version of Fedora Linux
Intel’s Classmate PC runs a version of Mandriva Linux
The CloudBook runs a version of gOS Linux
The ASUS Eee PC runs a version of Xandros Linux
The HP2133 Mini-Note runs a version of SUSE Linux

These subnotebooks, or Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC) are a new class of machine, and they are targeted typically at high school or college students. Nearly all of them are running some form of Linux, since it’s cheaper than including a Windows license fee in the price. So what operating system do you think these college kids are going to insist on once they graduate?

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