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Iron Man (Fiction) and the Raytheon Sarcos XOS (Reality)

Tony Stark Hates Cockroaches

Tony Stark Hates Cockroaches

You need to see Iron Man. Why? Because it is awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is completely believable as Tony Stark. It’s also a much more believable back story than the Orson Scott Card comic book prequel (Brain Disease Monkeys Bit My Mom So My Body Is My Brain And It Hurts So My Dad Made A Flesh Eating Bacteria That Makes Me Indestructible To Keep Me From Hurting But I Drink To Keep Away The Pain), despite the weird electromagnet/pacemaker.

This was also one of the most fun superhero movies I’ve ever seen. Batman is tortured, Spiderman is angsty, but Iron Man wants to have fun… responsibly.

And now for something completely related.

Sarcos XOS

Raytheon Sarcos has made and is testing the XOS: An actual military grade exoskeleton. Yes boys and girls, reality is catching up with fiction. Unfortunately fiction is catching up to reality as well - The biggest challenge in building an exoskeleton is still an adequate power supply. Don’t bet on running it off your pacemaker. (Where’s a miniature arc generator when you need one?)

Regardless, here are links to articles and videos of the XOS:

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  1. Wilhelm Conradie wrote:

    I LOVED this movie. Didn’t go in expecting the moon and stars, but in the back of my mind I hoped not to be disapointed. Probably one of the best superhero movies ever! Kick-ass soundtrack, good acting (which is always the downfall in these movies [read "Please Kill freakin' Aunt May!!!"], amazing CG and loads of action. 4 stars! (yes, I don’t give 5 stars easily)

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 13:55 | Permalink

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