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Merry St. Tib’s Day!

The Discordians celebrate St. Tib’s Day on the 29th of February. Who St. Tib was, or what he did, nobody seems to know. Maybe he was a leapling. Maybe not. Discordians don’t really need a reason for doing anything.

Regardless, any holiday that’s good enough for Discordians is good enough for me. So I spent the evening with friends, drinking and chatting, and meeting people. I tried to buy some dip at a store, but it turns out that neither machine nor man knew the price of the dip. Ergo, I had to return home dipless. Very diplessing.

Today also marks the day that I am returning to WordPress as my blogging tool of choice. I have used Drupal for several months, and I’m still using it for my homepage, but it’s simply not optimized for blogging. I’m a big fan of “The Right Tool For The Job” and having tried both, it became obvious that WP is simply better for blogging.

Tomorrow is the Joburg Bloggerati meeting. I have no idea what to expect, but it should be a lot of fun. Hope they don’t kick me out for not blogging for a couple of months while I played with Drupal.

I’m just waiting for my new domain to be activated so I can really (re)kick off the blog.

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